Crossword: Oral Tissues

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The Clues

1 What is another name for the gum?
2 What type of papillae on the tongue looks 'mushroom like' and is not keratinised?
3 Which papilla on the tongue has the majority of the taste buds?
4 What is the name of the structure that the secretory cells of the salivary glands form?
5 What is the name given to the layer that includes the epithelium, lamina propria and muscularis mucosa?
6 What type of muscle is found in the tongue?
7 Which type of cell makes enamel?
8 Which type of salivary gland has mostly serous acini?
9 What type are the epithelial cells of the oesophagus?
10 The type of epithelium of the oral mucosa is ...
11 What is the name of the layer underlying the epithelium in the oral mucosa?
12 What do the odontoblasts make?