Question 1: Is skeletal muscle voluntary or involuntary?



Question 2: Which muscles (skeletal, smooth or cardiac) lack cross-striations?



Question 3: Are cardiac muscle cells branched or unbranched?



Question 4: What do the intercalated discs of cardiac muscle contain?



Question 5: Is calcium stored in the sarcoplasmic reticulum or the T-tubules of skeletal muscle



Question 6: What are the quiescent cells, which regenerate skeletal muscle called?



Question 7: What type of junction or junctions are present between smooth muscle cells?



Question 8: Are skeletal muscle cells mono-nucleate or multi-nucleated?



Question 9: What is the dense connective tissue sheath that surrounds skeletal muscles called?



Question 10: Which structures, or 'lines' mark the boundaries of muscle sarcomeres?



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