Quick Quiz

Read the questions below, and decide if they are true or false.

Concerning Light Microscopy:

A. Microscope objectives with large numerical apertures have a lower resolution than objectives with smaller numerical apertures.

B. Using a conventional light microscope is it possible to see cellular vesicles that are 0.5 µm in diameter.

C. The Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) reaction can be used to visualise the localisation of carbohydrates in tissue sections.

D. Histological specimens are normally embedded in paraffin wax before being sectioned for light microscopy.

E. Phase contrast microscopy generates black and white images of living cells by exploiting the different optical densities of the components within them.

Concerning the preparation of Tissues for Light Microscopy.

F. Tissues are normally stained before being fixed.

G. Fixatives kill and preserve the cells in tissues.

H. Haematoxylin stains nuclei blue

I. Eosin stains cytoplasm green.

J. Tissue sections are hydrated before being mounted.

Concering Electron Microscopy:

K. The resolving power of an electron microscope is much less than that of a light microscope.

L. Cells are normally fixed in paraformaldehye.