Crossword: The Cell

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          13             12                          
                  2     10                          
  9                     4                          

The Clues

1 site of protein formation from messenger RNA
2 vesicles that phagocytic cells contain, which contain hydrogen peroxide
3 The name given to cells that only have a single set of chromosomes, instead of a pair of each chromosome
4 A cellular organelle that packages proteins into vesicles for secretion
5 The process by which cells can take up macromolecules and fluids from the external environment
6 Important organelles that manufacture ATP
7 A type of intermediate filament found in epithelial cells
8 The stage in mitosis when duplicated chromosomes are arranged on the equator
9 The site at which microtubules grow out from in an interphase cell
10 A type of pigment found in cells that makes them look yellow
11 The site in the nucleus where ribosomal RNA is transcribed.
12 The form in which carbohydrate is stored in cells
13 The stage in the cell cycle in which chromosomes are de-condensed